Monday, 18 April 2011

What Ails the Family?

Evolution never intended the nuclear family to exist on its own, but within the context and with the support of an extended family and community, both of which the modern STATE and a money economy have made redundant and thus caused to wither and virtually disappear.
It is as if we had cut the arms and legs off a person’s torso and attached artificial limbs (provided by the state or bought with one’s own money), in their place, and now wonder why they can’t dance as well as we would like.
If you’re rich and can afford the very best artificial limbs, that helps a lot, but even that is no substitute for extended family and community (genuine community, not the meaningless abstractions politicians harp on about).
The fundamental problem, which is it high time we recognised and developed an understanding of, is that social structures (material, such as housing, and organisational), having been shaped by man’s perverted Darwinian and thoroughly corrupting drive for POWER, are adapted to managing and servicing “human resources” and “consumers“, rather than to providing for the needs of human beings.
What’s needed is a fundamental reorientation and reorganisation of society as a whole – not from the top down, as left-wing statists and fascists would impose on us (with the catastrophic consequences we are familiar with from the 20th Century), but grass-roots-democractically, from the bottom up.
Instead of continuing to allow ourselves, like “sheeple, to be organised by state and capital, whose perverted Darwinian nature seeks to facilitate “society’s” self-exploitation as a human resource and environment, we need to organise OURSELVES, as “people”, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, into rational TRIBES and NATIONS.
Where to start? First, by recognising and developing an understanding of our own Darwinian nature and how, misplaced and perverted in the artificial environment of human civilisation, it has given rise to the social, political, religious economic and financial power structures which provide its framework and shape society.

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