Monday, 18 April 2011

England: A Good Idea While it Lasted

The title is quoted from an article by Charles Moore, to which I produced the following response:
A good idea?
When William the Bastard in 1066 conquered England, he took procession of the land and the people, which he proceeded to ruthlessly exploit to his own advantage and that of the Norman nobles who had supported him. With the help of the Church (which added the power of the word to the power of the sword), they created the power structures a STATE which developed over the centuries to what we have today.
A huge amount has changed, of course, but not the fundamental purpose of the STATE, which is to facilitate exploitation of the country and people it claims procession of. Only the dividing line between exploiters and exploited has become blurred, thanks largely to the myth of nationhood, which arose as Europe emerged from the Middle Ages, giving rise to powerful “nation states” and European global dominance.
The state was never a genuine nation – only posing as such -, but the people comprising it were all closely related (through shared ancestors, culture, religion and history) and thus had the potential to become one – until it was destroyed by the recent advent of mass immigration of peoples of quite different ethnic origins, cultures and histories.
Because the power-political structures of the STATE demand it, we continue pretending to be a NATION, but without the natural and deep-rooted (because ethnically based) sense of national identity which made us such a potent force in the past. All that holds us together now is our dependency on what, beneath the threadbare façade of feigned nationhood, is the proprietary and mercenary STATE created by William and his vassals (temporal and divine) a thousand years ago.

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