Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Good Nationalist

My, the Good Nationalist’s, response to an article in today’s Telegraph, “Miliband’s plan for power is putting his party back on course”, in which Peter Oborne says that
“Fundamentally, there is only one key dividing line in British politics today”
And what does it all revolve around? MONEY, of course. How much money the STATE raises in taxation and spends on services and “servicing” a great army of special interests.
The only difference between the two sides is that Labour has a much broader base of special interest groups and a greater commitment to them, which require higher taxes and a bigger state.
This doesn’t reflect a really fundamental difference, as Peter Oborne would have us believe, but is really quite trivial. What we have are two (or 3, if the LibDems still count) thoroughly STATIST parties interested primarily in POWER, both for its own sake (a highly addictive intoxicant for alpha human “prime apes”) and for all the personal advantages that go with it.
All the Parties equate STATE and NATION, which, in order to legitimise themselves, they claim to SERVE. Only they don’t. They serve the STATE, and with it themselves, creating one great mercenary mess. Which is why everything revolves entirely around MONEY, as the most versatile and important form of POWER – and the insane, because totally unsustainable, obsession with perpetual economic growth, which provides an ever increasing flow of it.
If the STATE really was our NATION and the political parties really were serving it, they would never have allowed the MADNESS of mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country, thereby creating the oxymoronic absurdity of a “multi-ethnic nation”, which is not a genuine nation at all, but just a mercenary STATE posing as a nation.
Why? Because all the parties have embraced (have had to embrace) a liberal-fascist/statist ideology, not coincidentally the exact, but equally extreme, opposite of Nazi racial ideology, which denies, demonises and suppresses, as “racist”, the natural ethnic basis of national identity.
The fundamental dividing line, which has yet to be recognised and drawn (because most people sincerely continue to equate state and nation) is between STATISM and NATIONALISM – Genuine, good, nationalism, based on the moral maxim of “Love of one’s own; respect for others”.
The moral maxim of the liberal-faschism/statism we have had imposed on us by all the political parties since the end of WW2, in their need to claim a spurious “moral high ground” for themselves, is effectively, “Love of others; contempt for and denial of one’s own”. Ask any of the main political parties where they sand on Britain’s indigenous peoples and they’ll tell you, or insinuate, that the question itself is “bigoted” or “racist”. For them there is no NATION, just a mercenary STATE posing as a NATION.

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