Thursday, 14 April 2011

Preparing for WW3

The next world war will not be between STATES (posing as nations), but between an allegiance of genuine NATIONS and the STATES which currently monopolise virtually all political and military POWER.
This war, and the preparations for it, will not be fought on the streets or on battle fields, but in the hearts and minds of every individual on the planet. And if we prepare ourselves well, there need be little – ideally, no – bloodshed.
The state is a product not of “rational man”, but of retarded and perverted Darwinian man, created originally and developed over the centuries to facilitate “society’s” self-exploitation to the advantage of power, wealth, privilege and now, of course, “talent” and the “disadvantaged”. It has given all the fruits of civilisation, but is now on course, as it approaches the limits of our finite and vulnerable planet to support it, to bring about its own destruction.
We can continue as we are, leaving it to a ruthless Mother Nature to deal with us and our situation, which will mean decimation of human populations through disease, famine, war and natural disasters, or we can develop a Darwinian understanding of ourselves and our situation and attempt to deal with it a more rational and humane fashion.
We have to create an alternative to the STATE, which only poses as our TRIBE or NATION, in order to facilitate our self-exploitation. And the only way to do this, that I can conceive of, is by organising OURSELVES, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, into genuine TRIBES and NATIONS.
In western democracies, we have the invaluable freedom to do this. Now, with the Internet, we also have the means. All that’s lacking is the WILL.
It is my hope that by recognising and developing an understanding of our own Darwinian nature, and of the civilisation (its political and economic power structures) it has given rise to, the will to save ourselves will grow and grow and grow, and with it, a just, humane and sustainable alternative to the political and socio-economic status quo, with us gradually transferring our loyalties, activities and dependences (material and emotional) from one to the other.

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