Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The PM’s Ethnically Enriched Environment at Party Conference

I captured this as a screen shot from the video of Boris Johnsohn’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday and couldn’t help wondering whether the fact that David Cameron had a representative from each of Britain’s largest ethnic minorities (Muslim, Asian and Black) sitting directly next to, behind and in front of him was pure coincidence.
Something tells me that it wasn’t, that his ethnically enriched immediate environment was stage managed by the party’s public relations people, hoping to appeal for votes to these ethnic groups.
This is the kind of politics which characterises our political culture, and it makes me SICK.

And this is the front page of today's Daily Telegraph: 

Again, it is clearly intended to appeal to voters from ethnic minorities, but tells me all I need to know about the David Cameron’s Conservative Party and its contempt for Native Britons like myself.