Monday, 18 April 2011

From "White Supremacy” to “White Inferiority”

If an extraterrestrial biologist were observing human population dynamics, i.e. demographics, on planet Earth, it would be puzzled by the strong population growth in Europe, beginning in about the 15th Century, accompanied by the spread of these fair-skinned (white) humans around the globe, but then followed by their increasing replacement through non-whites, even in their original European habitat.
In terms of being better adapted to their environment, there must have been something “superior” about this white population, otherwise it wouldn’t have expanded the way it did. But what happened, this extraterrestrial biologist would wonder, to halt and reverse this expansion? Why is the white race now being replaced by other races? What is it that now makes other races “superior”, i.e. better adapted to their environment, even in the white race’s original habitat?
Only able to observe superficial human characteristics, such as skin pigmentation, this extraterrestrial biologist is puzzled, and curious to know the explanation for what is going on: why this reversal from being a particularly successful (“superior”) and expanding race, to a relatively unsuccessful (contracting, “inferior”) race?
To understand this, our extraterrestrial would have to come to Earth and study human evolutionary psychology, along with its social and power-political implications.
Human populations are organised by their power elites, not as genuine societies, serving the general good of their members (as they are led to believe by the power elites, who deceive themselves into believing it as well), but as an exploitable environment and human resource (now also as a market), for the benefit of these power elites.
Originally, these power elites comprised just an aristocracy (ruling by the power of the sword) and a priesthood (ruling by the power of the word), who cooperated (competed and sometimes fought) in creating and exploiting to their own advantage the power structures of the STATE, which they shaped to facilitate “society’s” self-exploitation as a human environment.
Over the centuries, others (e.g. certain professions) managed to gain advantages for themselves, culminating finally in western democracy, in which, in theory at least, EVERYONE is free to advance themselves and exploit both their natural and human environments to maximum advantage for themselves and immediate family – provided they keep to rules (law), of course; although, these are often bent or even broken by those hopeful of getting away with it.
From an evolutionary perspective it is clear that human civilisation and the states that comprise it represent something of a perversion of evolutionary purpose, which humans themselves, despite their knowledge of Darwinian evolution, are loath to continence, having created taboos which prevent them from developing a Darwinian understanding of themselves and their civilisation. There is an understandable reluctance, hard-wired into the human brain, to undermine the very environment (the socio-economic status quo) they depend upon, especially if they have been particularly “successful” or occupy a privileged position within it.
Man evolved as a tribal animal, and although his original tribe is long gone, destroyed and replaced by the STATE, he is still dominated by deeply rooted tribal needs, emotions and behaviour patterns, which the state (and capital), while denying, ridiculing or condemning the existence of, manipulates and exploits to its own advantage. The very legitimacy of the state is based on its claim to representing a NATION, as the equivalent and extension of its subjects’ (citizens’) original tribe.
For a tribal animal, like Homo sapiens, there are effectively two very distinct, but often interdigitating, environments, in response to which he has evolved very different behavioural response patterns: one intra-tribal, the other extra-tribal. What the state, and state-like institutions such as the Catholic Church, do, is conflate and confound these two environments, which they then facilitate the self-exploitation of to the advantage of their particular elites.
Europeans were organised by their power elites into pseudo-nation states, i.e. “super tribes” which proved to be very powerful and successful in extending their influence around the globe. However, not having the interest of a genuine tribe or nation for its people as a whole, but being primarily concerned with personal advantage (often associated with the interests of particular groups) within the pseudo-nation, and with rivalries, leading to war, between European pseudo-nation states, the European race was soon in decline. A decline which its power elites make not just a moral virtue of, but a moral imperative, any interest in themselves as a genuine (super) nation of closely related peoples being demonised and condemned as an evil they call “racism”.
Thus, our extraterrestrial observer might begin to understand his puzzling observations.

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