Saturday, 2 April 2011

Racist or Nationalist?

According to liberal-fascist/statist ideology, any genuine nationalist, i.e. one who defines their own national identity, rather than having it defined for them and prescribed by the STATE, is a “racist”.
Thus, for liberal (and not so liberal)-fascists, because I don’t identify with multi-ethnic Britain as my nation, but in instead, with my own particular race, I’m an evil “racist”.
I’m not really a racist, in the sense that it is generally understood, but this is how the liberal-fascist left, and the STATE it identifies with, deal with opponents of their scheme of things.
Rationally, they don’t have a leg to stand on, any more than the medieval church did, so the only way they can deal with opponents who question their ideology, and the authority they derive from it, is by demonising us.
It’s not me who will defeat this liberal-fascist STATE, any more than it was Galileo who defeated the Catholic church, but the truth. The STATE will fall, and the truth will prevail – eventually.

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