Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Social Mobility and Integration

Nice sounding concepts, which conceal the liberal-fascist/statist ideology beneath.
I have been giving some thought to these two concepts, which our politicians are so keen on promoting, and what they really mean.
Social mobility boils down to individuals moving UP the social hierarchy, which, of course, everyone likes the idea of in respect to themselves and their own. Only, social status is relative, and as some go UP, others, necessarily, go DOWN. It embodies the idea that life is a competition, or a “rat race”.
It’s important to note that those advocating social mobility have all done very well for THEMSELVES in this respect, so its a kind of self-praise: look how well I’ve done! And because I’m such a wonderful, fair-minded individual, I think EVERYONE one should have the opportunity to do the same. Everyone should be able to “come first”. It sounds good, but is, of course, complete nonsense.
Integration, according to the OED, is
The process of bringing about or achieving equal membership of a population or social group; removal or absence of discrimination against groups or people on racial or cultural grounds; desegregation,
which, it seems to me, is a formula for “assimilation” and “miscegenation”.
Miscegenation” is now a taboo word, but has to be used to recognise the implications and ideological intentions of “integration” in a historical context, as an overreaction to the unjust and inhumane anti-miscegenation laws of Jim Crow and Apartheid (not to mention the horrors of Nazi racial ideology), which was then consolidated and exploited by those seeking a spurious moral high ground for themselves (mainly on the Left), and the power-political advantages that go with it: anyone not for mass immigration, multi-ethnic society, integration of ethnic minorities and miscegenation is condemned and dismissed as a “racist”, thereby demonising and suppressing the natural ethnic basis of national identity and representing the triumph of the liberal-left’s fascist ideology of “colourblindness” (denial of the importance of race and ethnicity for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group, e.g. national, identity), which, not coincidentally, is the exact but equally extreme opposite of Nazi fascist ideology.

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