Friday, 7 January 2011

We're All Gurkhas (mercenaries) Now

Written in response to a post on former chairman of the Conservative Party, Norman Tebbit's blog, at the Telegraph, from which the following quote is taken:
". . . there is a large Muslim population of Asian origins and I would rather seek to integrate that population than push it back into ghettoes."
“Integrate”? Most immigrants came here, Norman, to exploit the massive advantages (social, political, economic) Britain has to offer compared with their countries of origin, thereby reciprocating your party's interest in exploiting their cheap labour: a thoroughly mercenary arrangement.

Understandably, as human beings, rather than the “human-resources” state and capital mainly see them as, they had no intention of selling their souls, i.e. giving up their ethnic (which, if you look up its Greek root, is just another word for “national”) identity in the bargain, although you seem to have assumed they would, creating an American-style melting pot with the indigenous population, I suppose.

Admittedly, your party has been forced to go much further than economic interests alone would have driven you, by Labour's ideological embrace of mass immigration and multi-ethnic society, which they succeeded in elevating to a twisted moral imperative - the only alternative to “racism” and the extreme right; which, of course, it provoked, thereby reinforcing their claim to the “moral high ground” and political power).

When brave Conservatives like Enoch Powell dared question the wisdom of allowing mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country and undermining the ethnic basis of its national identity, they were condemned by the Left as “racists”, and your party leadership, fearful of being called “racists” themselves, joined in the condemnation, making you complicit in taking the NATION out of what was supposed to be a nation state, and leaving in its place just a mercenary state.

We are all Gurkhas (mercenaries) now, which I guess is why there was such a show of sympathy for them recently. So let's end the pretence of being a PEOPLE and a NATION (the Big Society!). It's every man (and his family) for themselves.

I'm thinking of becoming an “American”, which provides even better opportunities, if you have the necessary talents, for exploiting one's human environment (so-called “society”) than being “British” does.

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