Thursday, 6 January 2011

Multi-National Socialism

Those on the political right tend to hate “socialism”, while those on the left hate “nationalism” (which they have succeeded effectively in equating with “racism”).
But here I will argue that both concepts are extremely important, because deeply rooted in human nature, as it evolved long before the advent of civilisation and the state; which is why they have been subjected to such abuse by the state, in its pursuit and exercise of POWER, which has resulted in them acquiring the most negative associations.
The worst abuse of all, resulting in the most negative associations, was, of course, committed by the Nazis, who actually called their movement “National Socialism”.
Why did they choose that name? Because at the time both concepts were, for very good reason, very popular, speaking as they do to two essential aspects of human nature: socialism to our inherent social nature; nationalism to our inherent tribal nature, the control and manipulation of which the power of the state (and indirectly, also capital) depends upon.
In the hands of the power-hungry state, both nationalism and socialism are obnoxious, which is why they are so hated, one especially by the left the other especially by the right. However, these two concepts belong together (cannot exist apart), but without the state. We need to recover the concept of national socialism from the abyss into which the Nazis dragged it, along with their insane and hateful ideology, cleanse it of its nasty Nazi associations, and re-examine it.
And because we comprise many tribes and nations (rather than the single “master race” the Nazis envisaged) – although we have yet to initiate, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, their formation – I suggest we call it Multi-National Socialism.

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