Saturday, 15 January 2011

Why the State is Colourblind

And demands that its citizens are too.
By “colourblind” I mean indifferent to race and ethnic difference.
The reason is as simple as it is profound: the STATE is not the NATION it would have us believe it is. If it were, it would not be blind to ethnic difference, which is central to national identity, “ethnic” being derived from Greek ETHNOS, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION.
Yet the British and American states both insist that they are NATIONS. The American president in particular is always addressing, referring and appealing to the “American People” and NATION. Yet no American citizen seems to take issue with this, either because they really believe themselves to be a NATION, or because they are deceived by state propaganda into believing it, or, if they don’t believe it, are too scared to openly challenge it?
British politicians don’t make as much of Britain being a NATION as American politicians do of America, but the assumption is still manifestly there, and reference often enough made to it, especially when addressing or referring to the armed forces.
How have two of the world’s greatest democracies succeeded in imposing the oxymoronic absurdity of multi-racial/ethnic NATIONHOOD on their supposedly “free” citizens?
The answer is POWER. The STATE is extremely powerful, which in a democracy, at least, has to be legitimized. This legitimacy lies in its claim to NATIONHOOD.
Only, it’s a LIE. And if we – in Britain, American and other western democracies – want to create just, humane and sustainable societies, with prospects of surviving long into the future, it is a lie we urgently need to recognise and face up to – in a calm, rational, humane and civilised fashion.
Statists will defend the LIE, assuming they acknowledge it, by insisting that questioning it, and with it the state’s legitimacy, would necessarily lead to chaos and violence. Thus, the importance of true nationalists (as opposed to statists posing as nationalists) proceeding peacefully and respectfully towards others and the law. This is not a struggle between NATIONS, but between STATES (posing as nations) and true NATIONS.
STRUGGLE . . ? When at the moment all we have is many mighty STATES (posing as nations) and no true nations at all . . ?!
It is up to us, the people, to organise ourselves, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, into true NATIONS – instead of continuing to allow ourselves to be organised (manipulated and exploited) by the STATE and CAPITAL (not least through advertising), instead of working ourselves to death all day – for what? – and watching so much television.
What do I hope to achieve with this and other posts? My intention is to prime the peaceful and grass-roots-democratic REVOLUTION that will, hopefully, save our civilisation – and race! – from self-destruction.

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