Monday, 3 January 2011

The British Nation is no More

The basis of British power and the relatively low levels of corruption and anti-social behaviour (e.g. benefit fraud, malingering) in the past was that most people FELT, despite all the injustices associated with class, wealth distribution and privilege, that they still belonged to a single, unique PEOPLE and NATION, sharing a racial/ethnic, cultural (Judeo-Christian) and historical identity. But that’s all gone now, in multi-racial/ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-historical Britain.
All we are left with is the globalist/statist ideology of “Race/Ethnicity Doesn’t Matter”, i.e. is of no social or political significance except to evil “racists”.
The “liberal-fascist” Left (with the complicity of capital) have succeeded in taking the NATION out of what was a “nation state”, leaving us with just a mercenary, multi-ethnic, i.e. multi-national, STATE, still vainly pretending to be a NATION, in which the only interest one can have is self-interest (unless, as some like to imagine they are, you are capable of identifying with all humanity as belonging to your tribe and nation).
The question is, how long will it take for a significant number of us to recognise this depressing and frightening truth, and draw the consequences? And what will those consequences be?
The sooner we get on with it (recognising and understanding, before drawing any consequences) the better. On my blog I’m trying to make a start.
My basic attitude to multi-ethnic society is this: love of ones own, respect for others, instead of absurdly pretending (as our statist and moral supremacist overlords insist we do) that we all belong to the same nation.
In the meantime, I wish EVERYONE a Happy New Year!

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