Friday, 14 January 2011

Viking Bankers

Like the Vikings, Bankers see themselves as noble warriors, providing for their OWN (families) – and without shedding a drop of blood . . .
Excuse me picking on bankers again. It is because they are currently the most visible example of those, not just serving, but also excessively exploiting society as an ENVIRONMENT.
I call them Vikings, because it is the same (subconscious, Darwinian) motivation for the survival, advantage and “success” of their own families, that is driving them – and everyone else, of course.
Human nature is a product of Darwinian evolution (what else?), which drives us to exploit our environment, and now includes human society itself.
The basic unit of human survival and reproductive success, until the advent of civilisation, was the TRIBE, which sometimes organised themselves into a NATION, to facilitate their protection against, or exploitation of, other tribes and nations.
The Vikings were a NATION, which, instead of fighting amongst themselves (although I’m sure they did that as well), went out and exploited the resources they found on foreign shores. Those they plundered (Anglo-Saxons, for example) saw them a evil pirates, but from a wholly subjective perspective. A few generations before, Angles and Saxons themselves had been the pirates, taking land and booty from the Celts.
The primary purpose of civilisation is to regulate human self-exploitation, which those in power, of course, did (and continue to do) to their own advantage. Only, you need more than a strong arm to impose order on a population (of exploitable human resources); you need brains as well, which resulted in nobles and clergy cooperating in the creation of the STATE.
Within the state, individuals in a position to do so, spontaneously organised themselves into quasi-tribes, i.e. classes, professions and other shared interest groups, in order to secure the best possible advantage for themselves in the social environment, which, of course, also had to be maintained: like a shepherd looking after his flock, which he tells them is for their own good, so that they behave and do as they are told (this is where religion comes into its own; and being dumb sheep, they believe and obey him). But, of course, the shepherd’s real interests are his own (and/or those of his employer), which is the meat and wool the flock provides and can be exchanged at market for money.
Social scientists should be telling you all this, rather than me, but being themselves an interest group, wholly dependent on the state and status quo, they are blinded to the Darwinian reality of our situation. So I keep going on about it, in the hope that some of them will eventually take notice.

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