Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Liberal-Fascist Vision for Europe

And anyone daring to oppose it is a RACIST.
The following quotes are take from an article in yesterday’s Guardian (where else?) by Loretta Napoleoni:
Title: “May Europe’s multicultural new generation succeed where we failed
The new generation of teenagers is the first born inside the united Europe’s multicultural melting pot, one no longer just populated by Europeans.
Multiculturalism may well be our saviour, wresting us out from the straitjacket of our history, thrusting the old continent into an environment where other ethnicities, less cynical and more positive, will play a big role in its future.
The new blood of the children of immigrants both drives transnational protest and cements solidarity among Europe’s young [link to article containing even more brazen liberal-fascist misinformation and ideology].
I wish I were young again to walk that line with you, to share the experience of reshaping a continent. My generation had similar dreams but failed to achieve them.
Will you succeed where we failed? I believe so. Because the socio-cultural paradigm of Europe has finally shifted, and those who rule us today do not represent such a shift [because still so hideously "white"!]. As your generation comes to power, then the political paradigm will inevitably alter.
Europeans will no longer be explorers; they will not adventure across unknown seas to steal others’ treasure, they will not scale the highest mountains to plant flags, nor will they look west or east to decide what to think and how to behave internationally. But they will be able to delve into the new multicultural spirit of a reinvigorated continent for new economic, social and political formulas.
That is the Europe I dream of for you and the one I want to belong to.
It makes for very disturbing reading and if you feel as I remember feeling in the past, your initial reaction will be to push it aside and forget about it, because we know that any objections we raise, unless self-censored to meaninglessness, will immediately be met with accusation of “racism”.
But don’t dismiss it. That is what many people did after reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf, refusing to take seriously his horrific vision for Europe, dominated by a Germanic master race.
The liberal-fascist Left have got their OWN master race in mind: the product of mass non-European immigration and the melting pot thus created. They are as intent on eliminating their own white race of ethnic Europeans as the Nazis were on eliminating the Jews – but, of course, for our own good and that of humanity as a whole (motivated, not by hatred for others, but by self-hate, or perhaps just a pathological lack of love for or identity with their own, which their ideology has misled them into believing is ALL humanity).
And if anyone dares say they don’t want to see their own, white, ethnic European race, eliminated, they are accused of being “racist”, on the ideological grounds that “Race Doesn’t Matter”, or even exist. Suggesting that it does matter, i.e. for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group (e.g. national) identity (as I do), is considered “racist” – at least, if you are white.
Once the Nazis got to power, no one could oppose their ideology without landing in jail, or worse. Now, having gone from one extreme to the other,liberal-fascists are in power and no one can oppose their ideology without being condemned a “racist”, which isn’t as bad as the threat of jail, but has thus far proved just as effective.
But lets be clear: liberal fascists, thank goodness, are not nearly as bad as Nazi fascists. They mean well, as most communists, socialists, Christian missionaries, etc. did (or still do), but are just misguided. Most, once they realise that, will, I am sure, change their views, just as most communists did, when they realised that the Soviet Union wasn’t, and wasn’t going to become, the utopia they had dreamed of.
Only it’s not just the liberal-fascist Left (represented in the media by the Guardian/Observer, the Independent and the BBC) that are misguided. The conservative right (represented by the Telegraph, Mail, etc.) are misguided too.
In fact, I seem to be the ONLY one who isn’t !;-)At least, not as misguided as most; but still lost, looking for my, my people’s, while not forgetting other people’s, way . . .

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