Saturday, 12 February 2011

Guardian Advocates Europe’s Islamification

The following is quoted from an article by Timothy Garton Ash in today’s Guardian, "If this is young Arabs’ 1989, Europe must be ready with a bold response":
As their homelands modernise, young Arabs – and nearly one third of the population of the north African littoral is between the age of 15 and 30 – will circulate across the Mediterranean, contributing to European economies, and to paying the pensions of rapidly ageing European societies.”
I find it hard to imagine that the author, who sometimes expresses quite sensible opinions, really wants to promote the Islamification and de-Europeanisation (globalisation) of Europe, so why is he encouraging it?
Presumably, he naively believes that in Europe, Arabs will become liberal-minded Europeans like himself. No doubt, some will. But as we now know from experience (those of us not blinded by economic interests or liberal-statist ideology), many won’t. Understandably (if you see them ashuman beings rather than just a human resource,to be manipulated and exploited by state and capital), they will remain true to their Islamic roots, and seek to change Europe accordingly.

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