Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Race Does/Doesn’t Matter Paradox

Which has been ruthlessly exploited by the state to impose the MADNESS of mass immigration and multi-ethnic society on us.
At the level of personal encounters and relationships, race and ethnic difference matter little, because it is natural for those involved to ignore or play down any differences (and not just racial) that might cause offence, disharmony or conflict, because usually we want to get on with others and avoid anything that might prevent that. Also, once you get to know someone, it’s their individual character that predominates over any ethnic perceptions, which, if you like them, disappear into the background.
Character, it seems, is not determined by race. I only know from experience with my own race that there are some extremely nice individuals, and some extremely nasty ones, and a whole spectrum of characters in between. And I presume it’s the same with all races. Whereby every individual has nice and nasty sides to them, which manifest according to circumstances and the level of control the individual has over them.
I agree with Martin Luther King, when he said that an individual should not be judged by the colour of their skin (race or ethnicity), but by the content of their character.
But how many people can we know as “individuals”? Not many. The vast majority of people will always be strangers to us. And the first things we notice about a stranger are their age, gender, able-bodiedness, and ethnicity.
Why ethnicity? Because it provides an immediate indication of whether they belong to one’s own or a related TRIBE, and can be expected to be friendly, or are from an unrelated tribe, and thus a potential enemy.
Thus, the dictum of not judging an individual by the colour of their skin (ethnicity), while coming relatively naturally to us at the personal level, does not do so when dealing with strangers, when it is a natural criterion for judging, not their character, but whether they belong to one’s own tribe or nation; “ethnicity” being derived from Greek, ETHNOS, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION (Martin Luther King was well served by the American STATE, and thus not inclined to question it's claim to nationhood).
Because of the state’s claim to nationhood and authority over all its citizens, it has to insist that they all belong, effectively, to the same TRIBE, and suppress their natural inclination to notice and react to ethnic differences. The state does this by demonising it as “racism”.
The state has always laid claim to its subjects/citizens’ tribal loyalties, of course, in order to facilitate their exploitation as a human resource, only in the past there were no blatant racial differences to be ignored, suppressed or exploited, only linguistic, cultural or religious ones. Now the state is having a heyday, suppressing, manipulating and exploiting the ethnic differences of its citizens.
It’s time we cottoned on to what’s going on and learned to deal with the STATE, instead of allowing it, as it has always done, to deal with us.

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