Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Tough Year for Households

In response to David Cameron’s warning of “tough year” for households:
Thanks for the warning David, but even on just half your PM’s salary (£142,000, and notwithstanding your other sources of income), I can manage very nicely – thank you!
Your warning may be of more relevance to those on just half my income, although that still puts them well above the average, and of more relevance still to those on an average income or less.
It will be most relevant, I image, to someone on the minimum wage, which is less than half the average wage (or 1/12 of your PM’s salary).
Although, I guess that you personally must feel undervalued and underpaid when mingling amongst banker friends, CEOs and others with 10 time or more your salary. You’re to them, what someone on the minimum wage is to you: ein armes Schwein!
But, I’m forgetting that we are a NATION, a Big Society, and all in this TOGETHER . . .
P.S. The reference to my own salary, I regret to say, is just a literary device and wishful thinking.

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