Sunday, 27 February 2011

Human Beings or Human Resources?

In response to an article in today's Telegraph, "It's babies, not discrimination, that's holding back women in the workplace" by Jemima Lewis

The root cause of the intractable problems relating to work and family life is a misconceived belief in the individual or nuclear family being the basic unit of society. 

They are not. They are the basic units of the artificial human ENVIRONMENT, which state and economy developed over the centuries to facilitate the self-exploitation of, to the advantage of power, wealth, privilege and now, of course, TALENT, which by definition means virtually all members of our political, business, academic and media elites.

The natural, basic unit of a genuine society is the tribe or community, which, having been made redundant by the state and a money economy, no longer exist.

Obviously, we cannot recreate the kind of tribal society evolution adapted human behaviour and emotions to, but, given a realistic (necessarily Darwinian) understanding of ourselves and our situation, we could develop a political and socio-economic order which serves us as "human beings" rather than serving our self-exploitation us as "human resources" and markets (including the "labour market").

The following quote illustrates the author’s “profligate” way of looking at the meaning and purpose of human life, both male and female, which dominates, from left to right, right across the “progressive” political spectrum.
Spending thousands to train and educate women, only for them to fall out of the labour market at the peak of their expertise, is a very profligate way to run a country.
It’s centred around a perverted political and economic philosophy (responsible for current reality, and vice versa) more interested in the exploitation of “human resources” and markets than in the well-being and self-realisation of human beings, which it effectively reduces to their ability to make MONEY and/or to claim a spurious, likewise perverted, “moral high ground” for themselves (especially favoured by the Left).
Trouble is, it’s “successful” individuals, especially in the media, who define what “success” is for society at large, despite being so utterly misguided themselves.
But then, who am I to tell such “successful” people that they’re misguided . . ?

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