Saturday, 22 September 2012

Parliament Has Betrayed Us

This was my response to a comment by tokyonagaremono in the thread below an article in the Telegraph by Norman Tebbit:  A return to capital punishment? Tokyonagareono's post became the most recommended comment and my response to it had more than 100 recommendations before being removed ("flagged for review") by the moderation. Here it is:

Parliament itself has betrayed us, Britain's native peoples, to the madness of mass third world immigration and the ideology of post-racial multiculturalism, but we can't shoot or hang them all, at least, not so long as they continue to control the armed forces. It will be them shooting us!

Because of this betrayal, we are in fact moving towards civil war, as is all western Europe, since I don't think that Europe's native peoples ultimately will allow themselves to become an ethnic minority on their own continent without a fight.

But if we recognise and face up to the betrayal which has taken place, instead of celebrating it, as Parliament currently expects us to do, I'm hopeful that there is still time to resolve the issue peacefully.

What we are dealing with here - the reason it is taking so long to recognise and face up to - is SELF-BETRAYAL. It is the SYSTEM, the STATE, and its IDEOLOGY of post-racial multiculturalism which is betraying us. Anyone wanting to make a career for themselves in politics or the media has no choice but to go along with them.

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