Friday, 21 September 2012

China, Japan and the world’s Agadir Crisis (1911)

This attempt at satire was obviously not appreciated by the moderation at the Telegraph, which removed it from the thread below the article it was in response to: China, Japan and the world’s Agadir Crisis (1911).

If you will excuse my attempt at satire, would it not be in OUR interests to have East Asia tear itself apart as Europe did in the 20th Century, and then to impose OUR ideology of post-racial multiculturalism on them, as America did on us, with the eager participation of our liberal-lefty elite . . .?

Are we not all sick of seeing all these hideously Chinese and Japanese-looking Chinese and Japanese when they turn up for sporting events like the Olympic games . . ??

How wonderful it would be to see a Chinese or Japanese Mo Farah winning Gold for them at a future Olympics instead of some inbred East Asian, who couldn’t possibly win Gold in a running event anyway . . . .

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