Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Holocaust, an Expression of Racial Self-Hatred ?

We have all been brought up to believe that the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, was an expression of “racial hatred” born of racial prejudice. But in what way, shape or form do European Jews constitute a “different race” from other Europeans?
European Jews, I contend, are not a different race from other Europeans, anymore than Scandinavians are a different race from Italians. We all belong to the same race of closely related European peoples (most with some Middle Eastern blood in us). Sure, there are differences, but they are trivial and so mixed up that any attempt to divide Europeans into different races, as the Nazis did, is sheer madness. In addition, virtually all Europeans share a Judeo-Christian culture and history, which is what, rather than race, distinguished us from the neighbouring Muslim world.
In a European context, race really is a “social (or rather, ideological) construct”.
In view of the above, the Holocaust was not, I contend, a consequence of racial prejudice leading to racial hatred, but of racial self-contempt leading to racial self-hatred and self-destruction, massively realised in World War 1 and 2, and almost resulting in our nuclear self-annihilation during the Cold War.
Post-racial multicultural ideology, which denies, demonises and suppresses as “racist” the natural ethnic basis of genuine national identity, not coincidentally, is the exact but equally extreme opposite of Nazi racial ideology, the former seeing racial differences where they did not exist amongst Europeans, the latter refusing to see them where they clearly do exist, between human populations more or less isolated from each other for 10s of thousands of years prior to the modern era (e.g. between Europeans, Sub-Saharan Africans, East Asians and South Asians).
In its own extreme way, I contend, post-racial multicultural ideology, which now dominates Britain and other western democracies (as a secular replacement for church ideology**), is also an expression of European racial self-contempt, if not actual self-hatred. It has facilitated the madness of mass third world immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country and subcontinent, has already reduced native (white) Britons to an ethnic minority in their own capital city, and will soon reduce us to an ethnic minority in the country at large.
Unable to agree on a definition of race or its significance, even where differences are most striking, and in fear of Nazi-style racial supremacism, academics decided to deny that race has any real existence or significance at all – except to evil “racists”. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, it was a welcome view that seemed to impart moral authority, which politicians, especially of the Left, quickly exploited and consolidated to their own power-political advantage. What they overlooked, and found politically advantageous to suppress in those who didn’t, was the profound importance of race and ethnic origins for any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e. national, identity.
** Church ideology, with its notion of “original sin”, which only submission to church/state authority could save the individual from eternal damnation for, has been replaced by post-racial multicultural ideology, with its notion of “racism” (= racial prejudice = the natural human inclination to identify with members of one’s own tribe, i.e. race or ethnic group), which again only submission to state ideology and authority can save the individual from eternal damnation for. And now, just as in medieval times, anyone who refuses to submit to state ideology and authority is demonised and made a social pariah.

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