Monday, 20 February 2012

Eugenics disguised as Anti-Racism

In an article in last Friday's Guardian (LINK), Jonathan Freedland writes about EUGENICS as the “skeleton in the Left's closet,” pointing out how many prominent and still revered members of the Left were, before the Nazis gave it a bad name, very enthusiastic about it and its application to society.

There are two points I want to make. One in defence of EUGENICS, as a responsibility that human populations (societies) must sooner or later face up if they don't want to degenerate over time, as they most certainly will without natural selection (which one might equally well call “natural eugenics”) to do the job for us. It is a difficult, dilemmacal, call, which was rushed into and made a mess of, before the Nazis spoiled things entirely, but not one that society can carry on ignoring (or demonising and suppressing) indefinitely – at least, not without dire consequences.

The other point I want to make is that the Left has in fact succeeded in getting the state to adopt an ideology (not coincidentally, the exact but equally extreme opposite of Nazi racial ideology) and policies (especially in respect to immigration) which follow from it, which effectively amounts to a program of EUGENICS: when you bring children of different race together in the same school, many will inevitably go on to intermarry and create a different race. From two or more different races a single mixed race will emerge.

Thus far, this has not been recognised as a form of EUGENICS, but it is high time it was.

The present day Left (including so-called “progressives”, liberals and Jonathan Freedland himself, I imagine), will vigorously deny that mixed-race schools are a form eugenics, but I don't really see how they can be seen as anything else. We should at least be having a debate about it, which currently we are not. It's a taboo issue. Not having mix-race schools is seen (by the Left) as a form of Apartheid and thus “racist”.

Thus the Left have succeeded in implementing their program of EUGENICS, designed to create another, presumably better (non-white), breed of Briton (European and American) by disguising it in the garb (and ideology) of anti-Apartheid and ANTI-RACISM.

What are the Left's motivations for this clandestine program of EUGENICS?

I have no direct evidence of what they are, but it is pretty safe to say, I think, that they are mixed and largely subconscious. When they refute my suggestion of eugenics, most, I am sure, are being quite sincere. Ideologically, eugenics is as abhorrent to them as Apartheid and racism, which thus blinds them to the reality of the eugenics being implicit in their racial (extreme anti-Nazi) ideology of “colour-blindness” and “One-Human-Racism”.

Their underlying motivation, I suggest, is the desire to be morally upright (nothing wrong with that), which, however, all too easily becomes a desire to be “morally superior”, especially when there are huge rewards to be had in terms of social status and political power, which is why, of course, the state itself has embraced the same ideology, just as it did Church ideology in medieval times.

There are 3 principal forms of state POWER: moral authority, money and military might, all of which are necessary, but also subject to much abuse. The more aware we are of such abuse and the better we understand it (necessarily from a human-evolutionary, i.e. Darwinian, perspective), the better we will be able to limit, if not eliminate it entirely.

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