Saturday, 3 March 2012

In Defence of Anders Breivik

This is the text of my 2nd video blog which can be viewed on YouTube.

It is NOT a defence of what Breivik DID, which is indefensible, but of what I think motivated him, which was his sense of betrayal by his own and other European governments, of their native peoples to the madness of mass 3rd world immigration, into our already, natively and unsustainably overpopulated subcontinent, and to the ideology of the “melting pot” of a multi-racial and multicultural society - or “multiculturalism”, as calls it - which suppresses, as “racist”, the natural ethnic basis of national identity and is destroying (as presumably intended to do) native Europeans' distinctive racial, cultural, historical and even prehistorical identity as a community of closely related peoples.

I don't share or understand Breivik's political views or ideology (the threat he sees in “cultural Marxism” and Islam, which is his - I believe, misconceived - way of accounting for this betrayal), and I abhor his use of extreme violence - or any violence, for that matter - against the innocent; but I do share his sense of betrayal, having seen my own country, Britain, transformed beyond recognition in my own lifetime by mass 3rd world immigration and state ideology of multi-racialism and multiculturalism. In many parts of our cities, native (white) Britons are already a minority, and it is predicted (by Professor of Demography at Oxford University, David Coleman) that indigenous Britons will become an ethnic minority in the country as a whole within just 2 more generations (by about 2066). It is a tragedy that Breivik felt compelled by this betrayal to commit such a horrendous act of violence. I will leave it to future generations, with the benefit of hindsight, to judge him. Certainly European governments' deafness to or dismissal as “racist” of their indigenous people's concerns about mass 3rd world immigration, multi-racialism and multiculturalism, must bear much of the blame for driving him to such an extreme and terrible act.

But I'm not interested in allocating blame, so much as exposing the reality of this betrayal (awareness and acknowledgement of which has been suppressed for too long) and in understanding it, before it provokes yet more violence and leads ultimately to civil war, as native Europeans increasingly recognise what is happening and rise up in defence of their continent and ancestral homelands. The sooner we face up to it the better our prospects of negotiating rational and civilised solutions and avoiding further and much greater violence.

How can democratically elected governments possibly “betray” their own peoples, one asks, because it hardly seems credible? That would be an act of “self-betrayal” - which is what, in fact, it is, and makes it so difficult to recognise.

The answer of those in positions of authority, of course, who are largely responsible for this (self)-betrayal, is that there has been no betrayal, and that those who think otherwise, like myself, are just nasty xenophobes and racists (or evil madmen, like Breivik), which doesn't leave a lot of room (in fact, no room at all) for rational argument or civilised debate. Just as in medieval times, anyone objecting to church, i.e. state, ideology was simply dismissed as a “heretic”. Now, we are dismissed as “bigots” and “racists” (or madmen). And it is this dismissal and condemnation of our concerns, more than anything else, I suggest, that drove Breivik to his desperate and terrible deed, as the only way he could see of drawing public attention (otherwise dominated by state ideology and indoctrination) to his cause.

It is a form of collective self-betrayal and thus very difficult to recognise and face up to (especially by those most involved in it, many of whom see it as a moral virtue or imperative). It is perpetrated by those in positions of trust and authority, with the complicity of society at large which has been intimidated and brainwashed into believing the ideology behind it. There are some similarities to the betrayal recently exposed in the Catholic church, some of whose priests were able to get away for decades with sexually abusing children in their charge, because protected by the church itself. Nobody – least of all Catholics – wanted to believe that it could be true (thus the long delay - criminally extended by the church itself - in facing up to it), but it was true. Their children had been betrayed and abused by the institution in which they had placed complete trust. In a similar fashion, only on a far grander scale, the STATE has betrayed us, its native peoples, we who put our trust in it, believing it to represent our NATION with our best interests at heart. Facing up to this betrayal is difficult and painful, just as it was for Catholics to face up to their betrayal by the church they believed in and identified with. And, of course, many Catholics still refuse to face up to it, putting all the blame, as the church would have them do, on the “rogue” pedophile priests. Now it is the STATE and its defenders would have us put ALL the blame for what he did on Anders Breivik himself, while they and their ideology remain blameless.

Britain and western Europe are already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated, so the last thing we needed was mass immigration from other continents. Yet that is what we have had imposed on us, in part for economic reasons (the demand for cheap foreign labour), but more importantly, I think, for ideological and power-political reasons of state.

In overreaction to the horrors of WW2 and the Holocaust (as well as to the inhumanity of Jim Crow and Apartheid), western democracies embraced an ideology which was the exact, but equally extreme, opposite of Nazi racial ideology. It's an ideology which denies, demonises and suppresses, as “racist ”, the natural ethnic basis of national identity, in which race and ethnic origins are considered to be of no social or political importance, except to evil “racists” like the Nazis. This, despite the obvious importance (at least, to the ideologically unblinkered) of race and ethnic origins for any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e. national, identity.

As an initial response to the horrors of Nazism, it was understandable, but instead of being allowed to moderate and accommodate itself to the reality of race, along with its social and political importance, it was consolidated in its extreme form by those seeking to exploit it as a source of spurious moral authority and power political advantage. The noble causes of anti-fascism and anti-racism were hijacked (like other noble causes before them; something I will come back to in a subsequent blog) and transformed into what now amounts to “anti-white reverse racism”, by means of which whites (that is, ethnic Europeans) force other whites to deny and despise their own ethnic identity as Europeans, in favour of an “inclusive”, globalised, post-racial (effectively, post-European) STATE identity. It is not an inter-racial issue (as the STATE, which wants to dismiss those who raise it as “racists ”, would have us believe), but an issue of white vs white power politics, and can be summed up in the following adaptation of a well-know proverb:

In the lands of ideological colour-blindness (as all western democracies now are) the “colour-blind” (or those who feign it) are KINGS.

This, I suggest, is the underlying cause of our collective and on-going self-betrayal. Everyone who wants to pursue a career in politics, the media, academia, etc., has no choice but to embrace state racial ideology, just as in medieval times everyone, whatever their station in society, had to embrace church ideology.

I believe my own analysis and understanding of this betrayal, although in need of further development, to be far more realistic than Breivik's, in contrast to whom, I also believe that a peaceful (non-violent), friendly, non-accusatory approach will be more fruitful than his approach, which, apart from all the suffering it causes, only alienates people and hardens divisions between the two sides, i.e. between NATIONALISTS, like myself (who identify with their race) and STATISTS (who don't, or don't dare, but with the state), or, as the latter would have us see it, between “racists” and “anti-racists”.

But now, I think I've said enough for one blog, which I hope will stimulate thought and civilised debate.

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