Sunday, 12 February 2012

Multiculturalism's Toxic Legacy

This post is in response to the following article in yesterday's Telegraph, Multiculturalism has left Britain with a toxic legacy:
"Labour ministers . . . thought the only issue would be racism from the local population."
Which they could then exploit to massive power-political advantage by claiming "colour-blindness" and the authority of the moral high ground for themselves, with Conservative politicians, if they didn't want to be branded "racist " themselves, having no choice but to follow suit.

It is exactly the same power-political strategy used by the medieval church to claim moral authority for itself, which it was able to use to exert control not just over the peasantry, but over the aristocracy as well.

Back then it was belief in church ideology that was demanded, now it is belief in the ideology of "colour-blindness" or "One-Human-Racism", which, not coincidentally, is the exact but equally extreme opposite
of Nazi racial ideology, insisting that race and ethnic origins don't matter, i.e. are of no social or political importance, except to evil "racists " (like the Nazis), when in fact they DO matter, because of profound importance for any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e.. national, identity.

It's an ideology which denies, demonises and suppresses the natural ethnic basis of national identity, so that the STATE can claim nationhood for its mercenary and power-hungry self and define national identity to suit its own purposes, thereby denying the PEOPLE the right to follow their own feelings and natural sense of national identity.

We have a much bigger problem - and challenge! - than most people realise (still denying that it has anything to do with race), but the sooner we recognise and develop an understanding of it, the sooner we can learn how to deal with it in as rational and civilised a fashion as possible. Otherwise, eventually, it will blow up in our faces and cause untold suffering.

The STATE wants us to believe that race is just a social construct, to be reconstructed as it and capital see fit, only its not; its the state and capital which are social constructs and its them we need to reconstruct in order to suit our, the people's, true interests.

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