Thursday, 16 February 2012

Trevor Phillips: a New (post-racial) Briton

There's nothing like being lectured to by an African - I beg your pardon, a New (post-racial) Briton - on how we should and shouldn't behave in our own country, which is what the head of the Equalities Commission is reported to have done in an article in today's Telegraph,

I guess we are getting a taste of our own medicine from the days of Empire when white men went around the world telling the natives there how they should and shouldn't behave.

The question is, WHO is enforcing the administration of this medicine and WHY . . ?

Immigrants, like Trevor Phillips, don't have the power to enforce it themselves, but are being backed up by very powerful forces within the state.

We urgently need to develop an understanding of what exactly is going
on, so that we can do something about it, in a rational and civilised fashion, before this medicine we are being forced to take kills us.

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