Saturday, 26 March 2011

One Freedom the State Denies Us

The British STATE guarantees its citizens invaluable rights and freedoms which its native peoples have struggled, fought and died for over the centuries.
However, there is one freedom the STATE denies us, which is the freedom to choose our own NATION, because the STATE itself poses as our NATION, in order to legitimise itself and the POWER it exercises over the people it assumes the authority to grant citizenship to. Most people don’t question the state’s claim to nationhood, but its time we did.
The STATE, of course, will respond by saying that if we were all free to choose our own tribes and nations there would be tribal conflict, as in our distant tribal past, which it is the state’s necessary and legitimate role to prevent happening. And I agree. We need the state, certainly for the time being, to enforce, when necessary, the rule of law and non-violence. But that doesn’t give the state the right to pose as our NATION, when it is not – manifestly so, since going multi-ethnic in such a big way (“ethnic” being derived from Greek, ETHNOS, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION, thus making the idea of a “multi-ethnic nation” an oxymoronic absurdity).
The STATE has far too much POWER, because of our dependency on it, most of which needs to be transferred the TRIBES and NATIONS we have yet to organise OURSELVES, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, into. Tribes and Nations, not defined, necessarily, by the territory they occupy, which characteristically, is how proprietary and power-oriented states define themselves, but by the PEOPLES who comprise them, who are committed to each other and their common welfare, as a closely related group of people and peoples should be.

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