Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Midsomer Murders Creator Suspended

My response to the article, “Midsomer Murders creator suspended after calling show ‘the last bastion of Englishness’“, the very lively thread to which has simply disappeared from the Telegraph’s website – hopefully soon to be restored.
An ITV spokesman said: ‘We are shocked and appalled at these personal comments by Brian True-May which are absolutely not shared by anyone at ITV. We are in urgent discussions with All3Media, the producer of Midsomer Murders, who have informed us that they have launched an immediate investigation into the matter and have suspended Mr True-May pending the outcome’.”
The jackboot of “liberal-fascism” doing its work of suppressing honest, majority opinion.
The British STATE itself has betrayed (and continues to betray) its own indigenous peoples.

This is a difficult and painful truth to recognise and face up to. But it’s high time we did. But – and this has to be said and emphasised – in a humane and civilised fashion, because we don’t (I certainly don’t) want the pendulum swinging back to the opposite extreme experienced in Nazi Germany, or even to Apartheid South Africa or Jim Crow America.
The STATE is attempting to impose the oxymoronic absurdity of “multi-ethnic nationhood” on us. It’s the STATE we need to deal with, rather than the symptoms it causes, which we must avoid causing us to scratch ourselves to death; but before we can do that, we must recognise and develop an understanding of its perverted Darwinian nature. It will be an exercise in self-awareness and understanding, because most of us identify with the state, and we don’t want to tear ourselves apart.

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