Thursday, 17 March 2011

Concern for Ethnic Minorities

According to an article in today’s Telegraph, Karen Buck, shadow work and pensions minister, told the Independent:
“I am very, very concerned about the impact of these cuts on black, Muslim and ethnic minority households, in particular.”
Just what one would expect from a white liberal statist: more concerned for OTHERS than she is for her OWN (Moral Basis of the Liberal-Fascist State).
But, of course, she doesn’t see her fellow indigenous Brits as “her own”, but identifies instead with all humanity that manages to find its way to our shores, and, like her former party leader, Gordon Brown, considers anyone who doesn’t, to be a “bigot” or a “racist”.
THIS clearly illustrates the MADNESS of so-called “British society” and, I guess, western society in general.
Like many other indigenous Brits and ethnic Europeans (I would guess, the majority) I don’t see ethnic majorities as “my own” – unless I happen to know then personally as individuals, which is quite different. The vast majority of ethnic minorities I do not know personally and do not identify with, in contrast to members of my own race (ethnic Europeans) with whom I spontaneously identity – at least, until I get to know them.
Does that make me (and most other native Europeans) a “bigot” and a “racist”? No it doesn’t, although that is what the STATE wants everyone to believe, so that it can continue to pose as our NATION.
What it in fact makes me, is a “nationalist”, someone who decides his own national identity (the natural basis of which is ethnicity), as opposed to a “statist”, who allows the STATE (which suppresses and denies the natural ethnic basis of nationality) to decide it for him.
A racist is someone who hates other races (ethnic groups), which I don’t. I respect them, provide they respect me. But I don’t identity with them as I do with my own race, ethnic group and NATION.
Understandably, this presents a problem to the British STATE, whose legitimacy rests on its claim to representing a single “multi-ethnic nation”, which, in my humble view, is an oxymoronic absurdity.
My national identity is based on how I FEEL, not on how the STATE tells me I should feel.
Are there any other NATIONALIST, like me, out there? I hope so, because we need to start organising ourselves, peacefully and grass-roots-democratically, into genuine NATIONS.
Members of different nations need to respect each other and cooperate in the struggle against STATISM.
What about those who want to continue equating the British STATE with their NATION – people of mixed race, perhaps?
That’s fine, provide they respect other nations, like my own (which is ethnic European), and don’t try demonising us (as the STATE does) as “racists”.
I know quite a few people from ethnic minorities and of mixed-race and hope to remain friends with them. But we have to stop pretending, for the sake of the STATE, to belong to the same NATION

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