Wednesday, 22 December 2010

There is no such thing as an 'indigenous' Briton

This was the title of an article in Monday's Guardian (Cif), written by two left-wing academics specialising in native (indigenous) American culture.
They write that 
“articles on Comment is free about indigenous peoples [invariably attract comments which ask] “what about the British . . . why can't we be indigenous, [thereby] aligning themselves – surely unwittingly – with the nationalist myth-making of the far right.”
They go on to quote the sociologist and anthropologist Mathias Guenther: 
"Indigenous is a term applied to people – and by the people to themselves – who are engaged in an often desperate struggle for political rights, for land, for a place and space within a modern nation's economy and society."
This is a classic and illuminating example of how the liberal-(fascist) left suppresses all expression of ethnic, i.e. natural and spontaneous national, identity amongst its own, ethnic European, peoples, be we English, French, German, Russian, Poles, Italian, Irish, European Americans, Australians, or whatever. Only ethnic minorities are allowed to have, express and cultivate their own ethnic identities, while for white ethnic majorities the very same feelings and behaviours are condemned and suppressed as “racist”.
Only when indigenous Britons (who represent just a few of Europe's many – more-or-less mixed - indigenous peoples) have become a disadvantage minority themselves (according to current projections, probably, some time during the next century), “engaged in a desperate struggle for political rights, for land, for a place and space within a modern nation's [globalised] economy and society", will we become worthy of state concern for our “indigenous rights”, and of pity from “progressives” and the liberal left. Until then, calling ourselves “indigenous” is just plain “racist”.
People often speak, or write, about “playing the race card”, when in fact it is ALWAYS on the table, with these words written across it in thick letters: Race doesn't matter! i.e. is of no social or political importance, except for ethnic minorities, of course (who must be allowed to peacefully cultivate their own ethnic identities, for the sake of their own self-esteem and the “diversity” that enriches us all), and for evil white “racists”.
It's an insanity (of normality, and thus difficult to clearly recognise and grapple with), of course, but that is the reality we live in, which self-proclaimed “progressives” of the liberal left have succeeded in imposing on us, including conservatives, who are as terrified of the race card as anyone, although they tend not to embrace it with the self-righteous enthusiasm of true believers on the liberal-(fascist) left.
Why is the state (of which the liberal left are the most ardent supporters, ever keen to expand its powers) so concerned to suppress (by equating it with “racism”) all expression and cultivation of white, ethnic European, identity?
It is, I believe, because this represents the stirrings of a natural and spontaneous form of nationalism (the affinity of closely related peoples for each other), which, if allowed to develop, would challenge the state's own (false) claim to nationhood, along with the power that goes with it.

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