Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Importance of Being White

i.e. an ethnic European
List of
Great Whites
List of
not so Great Whites

Neil Armstrong
(rep. Apollo Project)

Ian Huntley

One could extend both lists without limit, but I’m just picking out names most people are familiar with.
If my choice of words seems a bit punny and elicits a smile, that’s good, because this is NOT an exercise in white supremacy (as, of course, “moral supremacists” and statists will insist it is), but in white, i.e. ethnic European, awareness and identity (But that IS racism, they scream!).
No, it’s not, any more than the expression of black, native American, or any other minority ethnic awareness and identity is; although, if allowed to, it can of course lead to racism, as it most horrifically did in Nazi Germany. In part, it is fear of this which has resulted in the demonisation, as “racist”, and suppression of all expression of white (ethnic European) awareness and identity (although the most vicious Nazi racism was directed at their fellow Europeans). And the existence of groups of neo-Nazis and white supremacists is used to reinforce such fears, which are not completely groundless, but massively exaggerated, in order to intimidate and exert political control.
In stark contrast to the “multi-ethnic states” and “pseudo nations” all western democracies, in this age of monetisation and globalisation, have become, ethnic Europeans, despite having no state, or power, of their own, actually form a “natural nation”, which accords pretty well with the dictionary (OED) definition of a nation:
A large aggregate of people so closely associated with each other by factors such as COMMON DESCENT, language, CULTURE, HISTORY, and occupation of the same territory as to be identified as a DISTINCT PEOPLE” [my capitals].
Despite the massive pressure that I and everyone else in Britain and other western democracies is under to see the multi-ethnic STATE as our NATION, I find it quite impossible to do so, and the more I think about it the more I am convinced that it is nonsense and wrong – to give in to state pressure and intimidation by the moral supremacists, who occupy all positions of power in politics and the media and who, in contrast towhite, black or Islamic supremacists, are the real enemy within, because they currently have us in their statist iron grip.
I see ethnic European as my “natural nation”; my tribe as native English. So those who identify with the multi-ethnic British state as their nation, see me as a threat, who they thus demonise as a “racist”.
Only, I’m not a racist – any more than native Americans, or any indigenous people seeking to retain their ethnic identity, are. The only people I “hate” (and even then, not to the extent that I wish them harm), or feel “superior” to (which is how genuine racists are supposed to feel towards other races) are those members of my OWN race who would impose their moral supremacist ideology on me and everyone else, in defence of the oxymoronic absurdity of the multi-ethnic British state being a nation (Greek, ETHNOS, from which “ethnic” is derived, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION), just as the medieval church imposed its own moral supremacist ideology (its interpretation of the Gospel truth) on everyone, likewise demonising as evil anyone who did not comply, and for the same power-political reasons.
Today’s statist and moral supremacist ideology is based on belief in the none importance of race and ethnic origins, despite its obvious importance for an individual’s sense of personal and group (e.g. national) identity.
Race and ethnic origins don’t matter, they say, and as far as our mercenary state and capital are concerned, they are right. But for anyone who wants a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group identity, they DO matter.

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