Friday, 19 November 2010

One Side hates Nationalism the other Socialism

Thereby neutralising – and, courtesy of the Nazis, demonising - the vital concept of National Socialism.

The Left's blind hatred of nationalism led to it conspiring with the state, established religion and capital to eliminate the NATION by creating a multi-ethnic, i.e. multi-national society, the real meaning of which was deliberately hidden behind the more ambiguous concept of “multi-cultural”.
The Left traditionally (not without some, understandable but misconceived, reason) hate nationalism – and thus conspired with capital (with its interests in profit and globalisation) and established religion (with their shared interest in laying claim to the "moral high ground") to eliminate the NATION by creating a multi-ethnic, i.e. multi-national society (“ethnic” being derived from Greek, ETHNOS, meaning a PEOPLE or a NATION) – but love SOCIALISM, which they want the STATE, that they identify with (and which rewards them in return), to implement.
The political Right, on the other hand, are traditionally sympathetic towards nationalism and the nation – which, overwhelmed by a mighty coalition of capital and "moral supremacists", they have been forced to sacrifice – but hate SOCIALISM.
Thus, between them, the political Left and Right have eliminated the two ideas vital to the creation of a just, humane and sustainable society: those of SOCIALISM and of the NATION. We need socialism (properly understood), because we are social animals, but it can only beimplemented within the context (currently non-existent) of a genuine NATION (because we are also tribal animals, the nation being the natural extension of our original tribe), which is inherently (though not perfectly) mutualistic and grass-roots-democratic. It cannot be successfully implemented by the STATE (thus the justly negative reputation the state has burdened it with), because of its primarily role (which I go into in other posts) of facilitating society’s self-exploitation as as a human environment, resource and market.
There is another problem, of course: the NAZIS called themselves, National Socialists, dragging the vital concept of national socialism, which they hijacked and so abused, into the abyss along with themselves.
Whatever one's political views, there is an urgent need to defy the taboos, recover it, cleanse it of its nasty Nazi associations, and re-examine the concept of national socialism.

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