Monday, 22 November 2010

Britain’s Love of Others and Contempt for its Own.

The British state’s inclusive, universalistic attitude towards race can be summed up as follows: “love of others and contempt for one’s own”.
Thus, statist enthusiasm for mass immigration and multi-ethnic society, 1) because this is seen as an expression of self-denial, service to humanity and thus moral superiority, on which, like the Catholic and Anglican churches, it bases its claim to authority and power, and 2) because the economy, which provides the material wealth the state depends on, is thankful for all the cheap labour it can get, without which the NHS and many other sectors, under the existing mercenary regime, could hardly function (something statists are quick and proud to point out).
My more nationalistic, ethno-centric (according to the state, “racist”) attitude towards race can be summed up as follows: love of my own race/ethnic group and respect for others (thus my lack of enthusiasm for mass immigration, into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country and subcontinent, or for multi-ethnic society).
The British state describes its own indigenous population contemptuously by the colour of their skin as “white British”, while at least some ethnic minorities are described with reference to their place of origin, e.g. British Asian, Afro-Caribbean, etc. When skin colour is used for ethnic minorities it is “black”, which, in contrast to “white” has positive connotations, something to be proud of; while “white” tends to have negative, shameful associations. Anyone describing themselves proudly as “white” (i.e. ethnic European), for example, would automatically be pushed into a “racist” corner as a neo-Nazi, BNP sympathiser or “white supremacist” (when real power and danger, now threatening to destroy us, lies with so-called “progressives” and “moral supremacists” dedicated to the state, which they misguidedly identify as their nation).
WHY does the state demonise as “racist” an ETHNOcentric attitude towards national identity, when ETHNOS (from Greek) actually means a NATION or a PEOPLE ?
Because that’s what the Nazis did (in their brutally insane fashion)! And doing the exact extreme opposite from the Nazis allows British statists to claim the absolute “moral high ground” for themselves, along with the authority and POWER that goes with it.
And also, because the British STATE itself lays false claim to nationhood, on which its very legitimacy rests. Any genuine claim to nationhood (based on ethnicity) it MUST condemn and suppress. What better way of doing so than by calling it “racist”?

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