Monday, 22 November 2010

From One Extreme to Another

From forced racial segregation (Apartheid, Jim Crow etc.) to facilitated (subtly forced) racial mixing, integration, assimilation and miscegenation.
From a situation of great racial and ethnic diversity to themelting pot of racial and ethnic uniformity.
From an obsession with non-existent “racial purity” to denial of the importance of racial and ethnic identity (at least, for ethnic Europeans).
From the Nazi’s Germanic and white supremacists’ white master race to the melting pot and mixed-race master race of the moral supremacists’ who dominate post WW2 British politics (especially so-called “progressives” of the liberal left), established religion, and the media (especially the BBC).
From the noble ideal of a “classless society” to the moral-supremacist ideology of a “raceless” (colourblind, post-racial) society, which denies and suppresses (with accusations of “racism“) the importance of ethnicity for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group (e.g. national) identity.
From Nation State (1940) to Mercenary State (2010)
From genuine Big Society (1939-1949) to David Cameron’sphoney Big Society (2010-2015)

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