Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Why the Left Betrayed Us

It will surprise many to learn that it was in response to our betrayal by the Right.
The rich and powerful have always exploited the rest of society, which they created the STATE to facilitate and legitimise, by deceitfully and self-deceivingly equating it with our NATION.
They, and those who identified with them for the rewards to be had, were the original Right. While the original Left were those who pressed them to show more humanity towards the people they exploited.
As the “nation state” took more definite form, there were calls for the rich and powerful to treat their compatriots as members of the same nation, to share with them, instead of exploiting them as a human resource.
This was the original idea behind “socialism”: that members of the same nation should share with each other, rather than exploit each other. Only the rich and powerful weren’t interested. All they wanted to do was preserve their power, wealth and privileges, and go on exploiting their fellow countrymen.
Many on the Left were well-intentioned in wanting to create a more equal society, but some (now the majority) misused the moral high ground they claimed for their own personal advantage, serving the STATE for the rewards to be had, rather than their PEOPLE, thus making them no better than the rich and powerful (and more despised because of their hypocrisy).
Others on the Left, reacted to the indifference of the Right to national identity and solidarity (except when they needed loyal soldiers to fight their wars), with a form of collective self-harming, promoting the destruction of their own nation through mass immigration of unrelated peoples and the creation of a multi-ethnic, as opposed to national society.
Thus, we are being betrayed by the Left and the Right, because both fail to recognise and show solidarity with their NATION. But since most people make the mistake of identifying with the STATE as their NATION, and politically with either the Left or the Right, it is a form of national self-denial and self-betrayal.
Only united can we stand and survive, as a PEOPLE and a NATION, but we are utterly divided (not even knowing who our people or nation are) and in free fall. It’s just that on a historical scale, things take time, and blinded by our own individual, narrow and short-sighted self-interests, we don’t even notice it.
It seems it will be left to those who replace us (another, hopefully, better breed of Briton) to recognise and study our fall and demise, and hopefully learn from our mistakes.

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