Tuesday, 3 May 2011

African Archbishop of York Urges English to be More Patriotic!

and to celebrate St George’s Day.
“I have long campaigned for us to have a special holiday where we can celebrate our patron saint and all that is great about our wonderful nation.”
he is quoted as saying (Link to article).
I’m amused and very cynical about the archbishop, an African by birth and descent, presuming to identify with me, my fellow “Englishmen” (all ethnic Europeans by descent) and our “wonderful nation”.
My gut response is as if he (or anyone else I’m not comfortable with) wanted to embrace me physically: Back off! I say, and put my hands up to keep him at a distance. Which he’d better do. Otherwise – if he persists in trying to embrace me – I’m likely to hit him. Then he’ll get the message: I don’t want to be embraced, not by you – thank you very much.
Only, in this political context, if I did hit out at him, or in anyway resist his advances to embrace me, I’d be branded a “racist”.
“Patriotism is only wrong if you are not doing it in the name of the Crown . . .”
archbishop John Sentamu is further quoted as saying, which throws some light on his (I’m sure subliminal) motivations.
In the name of the Crown”, i.e. the STATE, he is exercising his legal right as a British citizen to embrace all other British citizens as members of his own PEOPLE and NATION.
Why would he want to do that when it is obvious that we do not belong to the same PEOPLE or NATION . . ? Because identifying with the British STATE, just as identifying with the Anglican church, gives him massive personal, social and economic advantages, way and above anything he could hope to enjoy in his native Africa.
I did say that I was cynical about the archbishop’s motivations, and with good reason, I think.
Although it wasn’t my intention, this post follows on nicely from by previous post about the Darwinian nature of the Catholic church.

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