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Having recently created the hashtag #contrapot, I thought I’d better explain what I mean by it.

In overreaction to the evils of Nazism and the Holocaust (as well as to the injustice and inhumanity of Jim Crow and Apartheid) the West’s ruling elites embraced an ideology of white racial self-denial and self-contempt, which is the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology (see links below).

The Nazis made a big, nasty and totally misconceived issue of race, seeing profound racial differences where they did not exist, between the closely related peoples of Europe, including  European Jews.

In the aftermath of these horrors there was an understandable overreaction, especially by academics (and, for obvious reasons, even more especially by Jewish academics), who went to the opposite extreme of denying the importance, even the very existence, of race altogether.

Despite being inherent to human nature, prejudice and xenophobia were blamed for the Holocaust and demonised, which is like blaming and demonising male sexuality for rape.

This extreme overreaction should have been recognised for the madness it was and corrected long ago, but wasn’t, because quickly incorporated into the state's age-old state strategy of “divide and rule”, whereby society is divided into a “morally superior”, now supposedly unprejudiced, ”colour-blind” and xenophilic, elite, on the one hand, and the morally inferior, naturally (evolved human nature being what it is) prejudiced, not colour-blind, but xenophobically-inclined masses, on the other, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their supposed "moral superiors”.

This new, secular, ideology of divide and rule was of little use as a replacement for church ideology in the essentially mono-racially white societies which comprised the West prior to WW2, where there was little opportunity to accuse transgressors of prejudice, xenophobia or racism (Jim Crow America and Apartheid South Africa being notable exceptions, of course), so multi-racial and multi-cultural societies were created in their place, via mass immigration from relatively poor, non-European countries, which comprised people of different race (conveniently advertised by their darker skin colour) and culture, which also served state and capital as a welcome source of cheap and complaint foreign labour.

Anyone objecting to immigration or the changing ethnic composition of their neighbourhood or society was dismissed as a bigot, nativist, xenophobe or racist. Only relatively recently, with mass migration to the UK of white Europeans has it become possible to criticise immigration at all, without it automatically resulting in accusations of racism.

Post-racial multiculturalism now serves the state as an instrument of socio-political intimidation, rewards, punishments, manipulation and control, just as medieval church ideology once did.

It doesn’t seem credible that classically democratic states like Britain, France and the USA would inflict such madness on their own people, but they have, and are, with other western states following suit.

Because it is so incredible, it is very difficult to recognise. Added to which, it is also a very painful and frightening thing to recognise: that the state we trust and identify with as our nation should betray us in such a fashion. How can it be possible? The whole purpose of the “nation state” is to serve its people’s collective self-interests - surely?

I’m afraid not. The primary purpose of the state is very different from what we have been led to believe by academics (formerly churchmen), who are looked upon as authorities, but are privileged clients and employees of the state themselves, with a massive personal self-interest (sub-conscious more than conscious) in rationalising and defending its role, self-image (as a “nation”), and ideologies (social, political, economic and racial, formerly religious) on which the state bases its claim to moral and knowledgeable authority.

The state conflates and confounds very different aspects of the original tribal environment in which human nature evolved, long before the first states and civilisations emerged from it, with the modern "nation state" now deceitfully posing as our tribe or nation (intra- and inter-tribal environment) itself, while at the same time facilitating society’s SELF-exploitation (as an extra-tribal environment, on a par with the natural environment) to the personal advantage of its ruling elites and favoured (especially wealthy and academic/formerly priestly) clients, at the expense of society at large and its long-term survival. This binds all civilisations to a cycle of boom and bust, eventually resulting in their complete demise, as in the case ancient Greece and Rome. Western civilisation, thanks to its development of science and technology, has  boomed like none other before it, but its bust phase is fast approaching, if not already upon us. The way things look at the moment, it is very unlikely that it will survive this present century, especially since the situation is compounded by our finite, vulnerable and overpopulated planet's compromised ability to support us.

It is a prospect that very few - especially those with children and grandchildren - are prepared to countenance, preferring instead to allow themselves to be deceived by professional optimists (mainly academics and politicians) who deceive themselves first hand.

The state does serve us, of course, and we are all completely dependent on it, but as a shepherd serves his flock; which is not for the flock's sake (notwithstanding any genuine concern he may feel for a lost of injured lamb), but for his own and/or his employer's sake, for the meat and wool the flock provides and can be exchanged at market for money.

The state is like an abusive step-parent which did away with our natural, loving parents (our original tribes and nations) before we were born, and brought us up to believe that it was our natural, caring parent, i.e. nation, with all its children’s, i.e. citizens’, best interests at heart, when in fact, its real purpose is to facilitate our self-abuse and exploitation, which is now rapidly leading to our civilisation’s self-destruction.

This explains the otherwise inexplicable self-betrayal we are currently experiencing, but which very few are aware of. Most of what is happening is being driven by subconscious forces, in fact, by our own Darwinian nature, which has been perverted by the artificial environment to civilisation itself.

It is, admittedly, difficult to get one’s head around, but once you do, everything starts to make a lot more sense. And once we understand the madness, we can start to think rationally about how to put and end to it, hopefully before it puts an end to us.

It is important to recognise it as “self-betrayal”, because blaming “others” only makes our situation worse, preventing us from uniting and putting an end to the madness. Instead, we just fight amongst ourselves as we head towards the abyss. It is what happened to ancient Greece and Rome, and is currently also happening to us.

Post-racial multicultural ideology and the government policies it has inspired have led to many western cities, such as London, becoming a melting pot for all humanity. People of different race and culture are officially encouraged to mix, integrate and assimilate, which is pretty Orwellian, when you think about it, because it destroys the very diversity its adherents claim to love and want us all to celebrate.

Human racial and cultural diversity is a consequence of populations having been more or less isolated from each other in the past. Bring them together in a city like London and what you create is a melting pot in which this diversity will gradually dissolve and disappear. In overreaction to the Nazi’s insane notion of a "pure" Germanic master race, we have gone to the opposite extreme of trying to create a “mixed-race master race”. Those seeking to maintain their racial identity by opposing the melting pot (especially if they belong to the non-Jewish white majority) are demonised as racists or white supremacists (a blind eye is turned to ethnic minorities, which, naturally enough, are often just as keen to retain their racial/ethnic identity as white people).

Post-racial multiculturalism might also be called “one-human-racism”, or the “ideology of the Pot”, and those who support it, “people of the Pot” (“miscegenate man”, as opposed to “ethnic man”). Britain has a “Pot Parliament”, committed to white racial self-denial and self-contempt, which promotes racial mixing in the melting pot of the post-racial multicultural society it has engineered and imposed on British society by demonising anyone who opposes it as “racist”.

It is not just the British state, of course. The French and American states have done the same, as, to varying degrees, have all western “democracies”. The power-political method to this madness I have already explained.

My opposition to state ideology of the Pot I call “Contrapot”. Thus the hashtag.

Evolution wired our very tribal brains to see things in terms of “them and us”, and it is better to go with the grain of human nature rather than against it.

We each need to decide which side we are on: Pot or Contrapot? It has to be one or the other.

Which ever side you choose, or while you remain undecided, it is important not to demonise the other side. The revolution I am hoping for cannot be achieved by force, violence or intimidation, but only peacefully and with respect, for others and for the rule of law. The truism, "united we stand, divided we fall", is indeed true. The very survival of our civilisation depends on us uniting, which we cannot do if we are hating and fighting each other, or trying to impose our own views on others, even when encouraged to do so by the state.

Multi-ethnic society has been imposed on us by the state using lies, deceit, force, intimidation and rewards (as you would expect from an abusive step-parent), but we cannot free ourselves from it using the same methods by which it was imposed. In fact, we can’t free ourselves from it, unless we use force and inflict grave injustice on others, which I certainly do not want to do. We must learn to live with it now, but in such a way that it is genuinely enriching for all concerned. At the moment it is Orwellian in nature, imposed as it is by the state, deceitfully posing as our nation, via a system of rewards & intimidation.

Contrapot is defined by its non-violent and respectful opposition to the Pot, i.e. the oxymoronic absurdity of multi-ethnic nationhood, which is what the British and other western governments seek to impose on their countries. But opposition is not enough. It must offer an alternative, or at least point in a direction that will lead to an alternative. So much has to change in the radical reformation of society and the state that it will take some time, years, if not decades.

Challenging the authority of the state is a tricky thing to do, given its immense power and our dependency on it (both material and emotional, so long as we identify with it as our nation), but it has to be done, so that we can carry out the radical reforms to it that are necessary, if it is to serve our long-term survival and well-being, rather our self-exploitation and self-destruction, as it has done up until now.

There is a lot more to be said, some of which I say in the blogs I link to below, but this will have to do for now.

The Paradox of Race Does and Doesn’t Matter

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This is the first draft of the first part of the party manifesto of #Contrapot-UK (please, scroll down to 2nd draft):

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