Monday, 26 September 2011

Power-Political Purpose to the Madness of Multiculturalism

In a multi-ethnic STATE, posing as a NATION, the “colour-blind”, or those who can feign it, are kings, by being able to claim moral superiority for themselves and thus access to power and privilege.
In the Middle Ages it was church ideology and its authoritative interpretation of the Word of God which provided the “moral high ground” for society’s ruling elites, the means by which they exerted moral authority and the power that goes with it. Now it is the ideology of “One-Human-Racism”, of “Colour-Blindness”, of “Race-Doesn’t-Matter”, i.e. is of no social or political importance (especially in respect to national identity), except to evil “racists” like the Nazis.
The truth, however, does not lie in the Christian gospels, no matter how interpreted, nor in the ideology of One-Human-Racism. On the contrary, race and ethnic origins are of fundamental importance for any deep and meaningful sense of both personaland group, i.e. national, identity.
It is only the mercenary, multi-ethnic STATE, whose authority and power rests on its claim to nationhood, that insists on denying and demonising (as “racist”) the importance of race and ethnic origins for national identity.
America was always multi-ethnic, whereas western European states have made themselves multi-ethnic, in order for their politicians to be able to claim the spurious moral high ground of “colour-blindnesss” for themselves, and the power-political advantages that go with it.

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