Saturday 26 September 2020

1984 Revisited & Reinterpreted

George Orwell’s distopian novel,1984, was published just weeks after I was born in 1949. He based it on his knowledge & experience of 1930s fascism & communism, which he projected onto a future Britain - as a warning.

In 1949, the year, 1984, was 35 years in the future. Now, in 2020, it is 36 years in the past. Orwell would have chosen the title some time before it was actually published, so the year 1984 is very close to being midway between then & now. 

What Orwell fails to make clear is that Big Brother did not suddenly appear with fascism & communism, but has always been with us, ever since the first states & civilisations emerged from a tribally organised society, which members of a cognative elite have always sought to control to their own advantage, using whatever means of power they had at their disposal.

Medieval Europe was also dominated by Big Brother, primarily in the form & ideology of the Catholic Church, which provided the brains & wielded the power of the Word, i.e. moral authority, based on priestly interpretation of sacred scripture, but in need of physical protection by a warrior class (the “nobility”, in Orwellian newspeak), which provided the muscle & wielded the power of the sword, which it sometimes used to defy Church authority. It was an uneasy, but effective alliance.

Orwell did not foresee how, in the aftermath of WW2 & the defeat of Nazism, Big Brother would embrace liberal democracy, anti-fascism & anti-racism as a means of acquiring moral authority for himself & his minions, along with the power (formerly wielded by the Catholic Church) than comes with it.

The state conflates and confounds VERY different aspects of the original tribal environment in which human nature evolved, long before the first states and civilisations emerged from it, with the modern "nation state" now deceitfully posing as our tribe or nation (intra- and inter-tribal environment) itself, while at the same time facilitating society’s self-exploitation (as an extra-tribal environment, on a par with the natural environment, which we are also exploiting to destruction) to the personal advantage of its ruling elites and favoured (especially wealthy and academic/formerly priestly) clients, at the expense of society at large & future generations.

This is where we are in 2020: not really free, as most academics believe & teach we are in liberal democracy, but enslaved - rich & poor, Black & White, high & low IQ alike - to Big Brother & the Matrix of state & capital. Those with the highest IQs being the most able at rationalising a system which works very well for them personally & thus gives them the sense of being free & privileged, which, relatively speaking, they are, though ultimately still enslaved.

This why we have failed to rise to the challenge of implimenting a Sustainability Revolution, the existential need for which we were warned about in the 1970s. Instead, our grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious, driven, & thus inherently unsustainable, global economy was put into super-global & turbo mode, which put us firmly on the path towards to civilisational suicide, but which most members of our cognative elites succeeded in rationalising, along with the madness of mass immigration into the West & DIVERSITY, which is Orwellian newspeak (thus my use of capitals) for a global melting pot, the destroyer of genuine human diversity, which is a product of pre-modern Natural Segregation.

DIVERSITY is an ideology, which also goes under the names of post-racial multiculturalism & Anti-racism, and goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacy. It is rooted in White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which was an overreaction to the evils of Nazism (esp. on the part of traumatised Jews), before being weaponised by Big Brother & his minions as a strategy of divide & rule.

It divides society into a morally superior, now supposedly non-tribal, unprejudiced, "colour-blind" and xenophilic elite, on the one hand, and the morally inferior, naturally (evolved human nature being what it is) tribal, prejudiced, not colour-blind, but nativist and xenophobically-inclined masses, on the other, who must submit to the authority of and domination by their "moral superiors”. A tribal and thus moral animal like ourselves can be manipulated and controlled by a regime of moral rewards & intimidation, as well as by one of material or physical rewards & intimidation, which in practice complement each other.

It is, in effect, a modern, secular replacement for the power-political role of medieval church ideology. Original sin (disobedience of divine, i.e. priestly, authority) has been replaced by "racial prejudice" (a natural human inclination - like original sin - to identity with members of one's own tribe, ethnic group or race, which was made responsible for Nazi antisemitism and the Holocaust), which only submission to priestly/academic/state ideology and authority can save us from eternal damnation for, not as heathens and heretics, as in the past, but as bigots, xenophobes, nativists or racists.

The existential question we need to answer now & with some urgency, if we want our civilisation to survive & prosper, is how to liberate ourselves?

We need academics & other members of our cognative elites, whom we cannot do without, to recognise their own ignorance and enslavement, owing to their dependency on Big Brother & the Matrix of state & capital, which makes us ALL his minions, including those who have been awarded the Orwell Prize; people, like the eminent British journalist, David Aaronovitch, who has accused me of being a RACIST for failing to identity with multi-racial Britain as my nation. I wanted to discuss this issue with him, but he refused & “cancelled” me.

He is very liberal and rational on most issues, which is why I wanted to discuss the issue of race & national identity with him, but when it comes to state racial ideology, I discovered, he is very illiberal & in fact quite Orwellian, telling others, as he told me, how they should & shouldn’t feel & think about race, which he clearly considers necessary in order to prevent the rise of fascism & racism, having failed to recognise and been taken in by Big Brother posing as an anti-fascist & anti-racist himself.

Obviously, we can’t do away with the state, no matter how Orwellian it may be; and most states are far more Orwellian than Britain, where at least I have the freedom to point all this out & to propose solutions without being disappeared or locked up - provided my proposals are peaceful, legal & democratic, of course, which they are. But I will come to these in a follow-up piece.

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